Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun Facts About Western Pond Turtles

  • Western pond turtles do not like to be disturbed. If humans     approach them, they will hide under rocks or logs.
  • Western pond turtles are also known as Pacific pond turtles or Pacific mud turtles.
  • Western pond turtles can only swallow their food in water   Pond turtles search for food using sight or smell.
  • Until the 1930’s, humans consumed pond turtles to make soup.
  • Western pond turtles are friendly; they don't bite.

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  1. I love turtles! You did a great job on the background and information about the turtle....great images. I think that you should focus on a particular stance on what you feel is the best way to help these critters thrive again. I feel you gave a lot of great information on what is trying to be done, but maybe personalize the site a bit more. Great start though! On a side note, this is the only page that we can comment on, so you might need to ask someone how to enable comments for each page.