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  1. I really like the clear display of information on your first page! It is a good introduction to the species, so that we can go through the rest of the website with knowledge of them. Your "Threats" page is also great. I like how you used pictures as well as descriptions. Maybe think about explaining your recovery plan more. Great clear topic!

  2. Great facts about these turtles. I'm curious to see the why we care section...I suggest for this section talk about what the impacts are for the ecosystem if these species go extinct? Or maybe have a section for solutions to this problem?

  3. Great website so far. Well organized and clear too! Maybe in 'why should we care?' let us know why you chose this topic?

  4. I like that one the "why care" page there is just a picture because I agree that they are adorbs! But you probably should work on it a little so there are words on it and the teachers are happy! :P Also, good info on the "about turtles" and "threats" page but maybe include the IUCN status on that page too? But good work so far! Totally RAD!

  5. Also, it would be helpful to put axis labels on the chart on the "recovery plan" page. also just remember to spell check/grammar check! also think about how to make it your own or just express why they are important to you even?